"Teacher of the Year" is also Service-Learning leader!

Great Oaks Elementary Teacher Rachael Brunson is not only the Round Rock ISD Elementary external image brunson+individual+picture.jpgTeacher of the Year, but also a finalist for Teacher of Year for the State of Texas!! All of us in Round Rock ISD couldn't be more proud and we are cheering for her all the way! Rachael is an awesome teacher, and one of the keys to her success is service-learning. Not only does Rachael incorporate service-learning into her classroom, but she has also gotten students, parents and teachers involved throughout the school.

This is what Mrs. Brunson has to say about service-learning:

"While I have volunteered in the community doing everything from wrapping presents for Blue Santa to teaching Sunday school, I have found a way to merge two things that I feel passionate about; teaching and serving others. Over the past two years, I have incorporated service-learning into my classroom. Service-learning is a teaching method that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection. This year my class developed a water conservation project. This project has purpose and gives the students an authentic reason for learning. [editor: see blog post dated Oct. 2009 to learn more about the fabulous water conservation project].

Enthusiasm and passion are great momentum builders. The students learn the power of passion as well, and they develop their own unique group synergy. People are drawn to that positive energy and so the momentum grows. I find this positive momentum to be one of the greatest rewards of teaching and I see it occurring more and more as I incorporate service-learning into my classroom and work with other teachers who are developing their own projects."

We are so happy that the State of Texas has recognized Rachael for all she does! To learn more about Rachael Brunson, visit: